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What we do


The Spanish Centre for Responsible and Sustainable Finance (Finresp) seeks to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible economic and financial activity by establishing a meeting point to debate, raise awareness and experiment for all the stakeholders of the financial services industry.

Finresp wants to be an agent of change towards a new sustainable paradigm, in compliance with the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.


Finresp aims to become a European benchmark in linking sustainability and business, specially among SMEs, and an active partner of the United Nations FC4S.

Scope of work

The centre's framework revolves around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, given its holistic approach and its ambition to shape the global agenda on sustainable development.

The centre intends to effectively contribute to the achievement of those goals more directly related to economic activity, and to those in which Spain performs below average.

Strategic objectives


  • Increase the awareness of economic agents and of the Spanish society at large in the face of the challenges and opportunities brought by the 2030 Agenda, especially those more directly linked to the economic activity and its financing.

Capabilities and skills

  • Improve the capabilities and skills of the economic agents, and particularly of SMEs, to comply with the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Best practices

  • Support the identification of financial solutions which represent best practices.

Innovative formulas

  • Promote innovative formulas to link sustainability and financing, mainly among SMEs.

Lines of action


  • Annual Sustainable Finance Week
  • Education and communication
  • Monitoring of key performance indicators on sustainable finances in Spain, Europe and the world

Capabilities and skills

  • Training sessions
  • Catalogue of sustainability information and service providers linked to economic and financing activities
  • Technical committee's meetings

Best practices

  • Case studies on the development of sustainable finance
  • Dissemination by the centre's affiliates

Innovative formulas

  • Exchanges with other platforms, work groups and financial centres to develop new market standards and initiatives
  • Identification of challenges to further develop sustainable finances
  • Permanent technical committee's meetings on financial innovation
  • Council of Experts's meetings